APM Annual Report (2023)

Published: 2024-01-09

Greetings from Prof. Charles B. Simone, Prof. Zhi-hua Zhu and the Editorial Office of Annals of Palliative Medicine (APM)!

In 2023, APM has published a total of 185 articles, encompassing a diverse range of content: 28% Original Article, 24% Review Article, 20% Editorial, 10 Editorial Commentary, 7% Case Report, 6% Letter to the Editor, and 5% Other Article Types. Corresponding authors came from 30 countries, with mostly from USA, China and Japan. According to the Google Analytics, APM attracted 840,459 visitors and garnered 1,428,951 pageviews in the past year. Readership was primarily from USA, with notable engagement from India, China, the UK, and Canada. For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the detailed report below.

Meanwhile, aiming at improving the editorial workflow by strengthening the scope assessment of all articles submitted, the Editorial Office has made efforts to review the definition and scope of palliative medicine and published an editorial to further refine and clarify the scope of the APM journal. For more details, please check the online article at

With this opportunity, we’d extend our sincere thanks to the Editorial Board Members, Guest Editors, Authors, Reviewers and Readers, for all your contribution and support to APM all the times. As we venture into 2024, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to collaborate with you and extend a warm welcome to new experts joining us in further establishing the journal as a robust and dynamic platform.


Editorial Office

Annals of Palliative Medicine

2023 Annual Report at PDF