Vol 7, Supplement 1 (January 20, 2018): Annals of Palliative Medicine (The 5th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference)


AB001. Community capacity development to enhance hospice palliative care in Alberta, Canada communities: evidence demonstrating the value of a community engaged model
Kyle Whitfield
AB002. Collaborative and participatory approaches to building community capacity for palliative and end of life care
Martin LaBrie
AB003. Lessons we are learning: using participatory action research to integrate palliative care, health promotion and public health through the DöBra research program in Sweden
Carol Tishelman
AB004. A new method for developing compassionate communities and cities movement—“Todos Contigo” Programme (We are All With You): experience in Spain and Latin America countries
Silvia Librada Flores
AB005. Celebrating indigenous communities compassionate traditions
Holly Prince
AB006. Collaborative model used to develop a resource guide for communities to enhance their palliative and end of life care: the case of Alberta, Canada
Kyle Whitfield
AB007. Death literacy— developing a tool to measure the social impact of public health initiatives
Kerrie Noonan
AB008. Public health by stealth
Jessie Williams
AB009. Proposal of a New Public Health End of Life approach for Brazil: how the Project EstaraoSeuLado— Primary Palliative Care is working and how it can help
Santiago Corrêa
AB010. Developing an intervention for optimizing end of life care in any setting
Emily Dobson
AB011. Linkage strategies for successful and sustainable partnerships: a practical framework for community engagement by palliative care services
John Rosenberg
AB012. Creating a sustainable, participatory palliative care programme in an urban slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nezamuddin Ahmad
AB013. Embracing life—the Bethlehem Schools’ Project, an “icebreaker” and “a foot in the door”
Mary Hocking
AB014. The evolution of the Kelley community capacity development model for palliative care
Mary Lou Kelley
AB015. Developing community palliative care programs using a capacity building approach: the Northwestern Ontario experience
Hilary Mettam
AB016. Addressing the cultural, spiritual and religious perspectives of palliative care
Hodan Nalayeh
AB017. MyGrief.ca
Shelly Cory


The supplement “The 5th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Palliative Medicine without any sponsorship or funding.