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All with You: a new method for developing compassionate communities—experiences in Spain and Latin-America

Silvia Librada Flores, Emilio Herrera Molina, Jaime Boceta Osuna, Rafael Mota Vargas, María Nabal Vicuña


Background: In recent years, compassion has motivated the development of programs oriented to create communities and societies involved in the relief of suffering. The development of compassionate communities and cities begins in each one of us, though it relies on organizations, providers and societies as a whole who need tools and methodologies as a part of a set of actions to help compassionate communities and cities to become a reality rooted widely in social values. In order to describe the “All with You®” methodology and its components: a method designed to develop compassionate communities and cities at the end of life that can be extended to organizations, communities, municipalities, cities or countries. In addition, this article tries to describe several experiences from applying the method in different cities and contexts.
Methods: A search of models for the development of compassionate communities was carried out initially to guide the elements and phases that could help to create a systematized method that will help organizations to create compassionate communities. After analysing the results, alliances were established with some of the main promoters at the time in the development of compassionate communities to validate the designed method. The city of Seville (Spain) was selected to validate the phases of the method and analyse the results based on a series of indicators. Finally, the methodology is being spread throughout cities in various countries, and the experiences are being evaluated with common indicators.
Results: the “All with You®” method (Todos Contigo® in Spanish) has been developed as a systematic approach that enables anyone interested in building compassionate communities or cities to include all of the elements outlined in the Compassionate City Charter. All with You® is a method that includes eight phases that allows organizations to be guided in the development of compassionate communities and cities towards a certification process that is evaluated through a series of structures, process and results indicators. The main actions of this method are based on social awareness, training, and the implementation of networks of care using innovative elements like Community Promoters and the RedCuida protocol to provide support, backing and care for those who face advanced chronic disease and end of life situations. Several cities in Spain and Latin America have already joined the movement of compassionate cities using this method, including four in Spain (Seville, Badajoz, Getxo and Pamplona), four in Colombia (Cali, Medellin, Fusagasugá and Bogotá) and one in Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Conclusions: The All with You® method has made the development of compassionate communities and cities possible, aligning organizations and cities to promote compassionate acts, and to start creating networks involved in a global community united by a vocation for caring.

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