Vol 11, No 2 (February 27, 2022): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article

Effect of advance care planning discussions with trained nurses in older adults with chronic diseases in Japan
Hiroko Okada, Takahiro Kiuchi, Tsuyoshi Okuhara, Yoshiyuki Kizawa
Split course palliative radiotherapy for advanced lung cancer with 3D planning based analysis of outcome: a retrospective review
Andrew R. Bruggeman, Reith R. Sarkar, Grace Sora Ahn, Emily I. Fuster, Anna Dornisch, Andrew B. Sharabi, James D. Murphy, Ajay P. Sandhu
Hospital expenses of nosocomial infection associated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in China: a retrospective cohort study
Feng Zang, Xiang Zhang, Juan Liu, Songqin Li, Yongxiang Zhang, Zhanjie Li
Platelet-rich plasma combined with ozone prevents cartilage destruction and improves weight-bearing asymmetry in a surgery-induced osteoarthritis rabbit model
Puxidan Huang, Rui Wang, Xiaolin Pang, Yongtao Yang, Yuan Guan, Dongya Zhang
Did patients with COVID-19 receive timely treatment in the early epidemic?—a systematic review and meta-analysis
Peipei Du, Weixiang Chen, Xufei Luo, Yaolong Chen, Qianling Shi, Meng Lv, Jie Wang, Xuemei Shi, Xiaofeng Ma, Tianying Yang, Shuya Lu, Tingting Li, Xiaokun Yang, Shu Yang, Xixi Feng; on behalf of COVID-19 Evidence and Recommendations Working Group
Pharmacology and molecular docking study of cartilage protection of Chinese herbal medicine Fufang Shatai Heji (STHJ) by inhibiting the expression of MMPs in collagen-induced arthritis mice
Kai-Jian Fan, Yun-Wu Li, Jing Wu, Qi-Shan Wang, Bing-Xin Xu, Hui Teng, Si-Jia Chen, Ting-Yu Wang
Efficacy and safety of mecobalamin combined with vestibular rehabilitation training for acute vestibular neuritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Xiaohua Sun, Xin Li, Dong Yang
Efficacy and safety of intraventricular polymyxin B plus continuous ventricular drainage for the treatment of intracranial infection caused by drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii
Li Chen, Xiyuan Li, Dengkai Li, Xuanwei Dong, Hongwei Chen
Elevated plasma levels of osteoglycin in cardiovascular patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zhi Zuo, Meng-Huan Li, Xu-Hui Zheng, Wen-Ming Yao, Hui Wang, Xin-Li Li
Clinical characteristics of glioblastoma with metastatic spinal dissemination
Jianxin Chen, Qi Shi, Shan Li, Yuze Zhao, Hongyan Huang
Preliminary study of the effect of outpatient oxygen therapy on patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency receiving home oxygen therapy
Zhiping Xu, Lingxia Zhu, Xinfa Xu, Lan Zhu, Hui Feng, Aixia Zhu, Lijun Liu
Effects of physical therapy-based rehabilitation on recovery of upper limb motor function after stroke in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Jing Huang, Jia-Ri Ji, Chao Liang, Yan-Zhen Zhang, Heng-Cong Sun, Yuan-Hong Yan, Xiao-Bei Xing
Molecular markers of tuberculosis and their clinical relevance: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Feifan Xu, Ming Ni, Shengyan Qu, Yinong Duan, Haiyun Zhang, Zhihua Qin
Comparative clinical analysis of fever in tumor patients, normal patients, and those infected with new coronavirus pneumonia
Minting Ma, Junyan Wang, Fan Zhang, Lei Hong, Lei Zhao, Bo Hu, Zhaojun Wu, Suju Wei, Yu Xu, Peng Guo, Bin Guo
Comparison of visual acuity between phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
AiLing Li, Qiongmin He, Lijuan Wei, Yingying Chen, Shuxiong He, Qiongkang Zhang, Yijie Yan
The correlation between near vision and smartphone use among ageing populations
Qinrui Hu, Yang Li, Bin Wang, Xueying Qin, Tao Ren, Yonghua Hu, Xiaoxin Li
Up-down determination of the 90% effective dose (ED90) of remimazolam besylate for anesthesia induction
Zhixia Lu, Na Zhou, Yan Li, Li Yang, Wei Hao
The association between vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Lin He, Xuegang Zhou, Han Mo, Xiaoming Li, Shuliang Guo
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and lactate dehydrogenase for early diagnosis of AIDS patients with Talaromyces marneffei infection
Ju-Lue Huang, Xiao-Xuan Zhou, Ping Luo, Xiao-Yan Lu, Lin-Hui Liang, Gui-Bin Lan, Li Chen, Fa-Quan Lin
Effects of sodium pyruvate supplementation on repeated sprint exercise performance and recovery in male college soccer players: a randomized controlled trial
Yan-Ping Yang, Jun-Qiang Qiu, Meng-Yue Wang, Lin Feng, Dan Luo, Rui-Rui Gao, Fang-Qiang Zhou, Kai-Xuan Che
Efficacy and safety of dapsone gel for acne: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Xuesong Wang, Zhenzhen Wang, Lulu Sun, Hong Liu, Furen Zhang
The efficacy of ankle arthroplasty on motor function recovery in patients with orthopedic ankle injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Tian-Hua Tang, Xiao-Gang Miao, Zhi-Yong Shu, Yuan-Hui Li, Ning Jiang, Jin-Quan Chen, Lan-Zhe Yu, Hua-Jun Wang, Xiao-Fei Zheng
Research status and hotspots of cesarean scar pregnancy from 2001 to 2020: a bibliometric analysis
Pin Qiu, Xinyi Lin, An Li, Gaopi Deng
Risk factors and correlation of colorectal polyps with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Jin Xu, Wei He, Nannan Zhang, Nan Sang, Junning Zhao
Serum level of free thyroxine is an independent risk factor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in euthyroid people
Cuiping Shao, Qiushi Cheng, Shuhui Zhang, Xinxin Xiang, Youqing Xu
Systematic review and meta-analysis on the incidence of delirium in intensive care unit inpatients after cognitive exercise intervention
Chaohong Xu, Zhenzhen Chen, Luxia Zhang, Han Guo
Systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) studies: the role of cerebral perfusion imaging in prognosis evaluation of mild cognitive impairment
Ling Zhu, Wenjuan Zhao, Jun Chen, Guifen Li, Jibo Qu
Ultrasound cardiogram-based diagnosis of cardiac hypertrophy from hypertension and analysis of its relationship with expression of autophagy-related protein
Sha Li, Lina Zhao, Bei Zhang, Yao Yuan, Hongjuan Cao, Zhenqiu Yu
Systematic review and meta-analysis: the effect and safety of peritoneal dialysis in patients with end-stage diabetic kidney disease
Hao Wu, Huiyou Zhou, Qifan Zhang, Ying Zhou, Lizhen Fu, Yijun Zhuang
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the comparative curative effects of warm acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicines in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis
Si’an Jin, Xuefeng Guan
Multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with potentially resectable colorectal cancer liver metastasis: results of a multicenter study
Lei Han, Jun Xue, Xueliang Wu, Guanli Liang, Yunshi Wu, Fei Guo, Shuquan Gao, Guangyuan Sun
Systematic review and meta-analysis of evaluation of selective cesarean section in postpartum pelvic floor function recovery under perineal ultrasound
Yu Chen, Xuna Geng, Haixia Zhou, Weijing Wang, Yu Liang, Chunye Zhang, Lufang Wang
A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effects of the ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser in the treatment of depressed acne scars
Lanying Lin, Guoyan Liao, Jinguang Chen, Xiang’en Chen
Systematic review and meta-analysis: the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture in the treatment of herpes zoster
Tao Qi, Hua Lan, Chao Zhong, Ruwen Zhang, Huamei Zhang, Fang Zhu, Bing Ji
Association between the combined effect of frailty and the estimated glomerular filtration rate and non-elective hospital readmission in elderly inpatients: a cohort study
Ying Liu, Jihong Yang, Hua Wang, Jinmeng Zhou, Jiashun Huang, Hong Shi, Jing Li, Hui Wang, Ji Shen, Yang Liu

Review Article on Palliative Care and Surgery1

Development of surgical palliative care as a field and community building in palliative care: past, present, and future directions
Susan D. McCammon, Melissa Red Hoffman
Surgical palliative care disparities
Julian T. Rowe, Fabian M. Johnston
Palliative care education in surgery
Sara M. Jafri, C. Ann Vitous, Pasithorn A. Suwanabol
Primary palliative care for surgeons: a narrative review and synthesis of core competencies
Buddy Marterre, Kimberly Kopecky, Pringl Miller
Palliative surgery and the surgeon’s role in the palliative care team: a review
Anna D. Louie, Thomas J. Miner
Pediatric palliative care and surgery
Katherine C. Ott, Teresa M. Vente, Timothy B. Lautz, Elisha D. Waldman
Palliative care in lung transplantation
Brandi Braud Scully, Eric P. Nolley, Errol L. Bush
Narrative review of palliative care in trauma and emergency general surgery
Alexandra C. Ferre, Belinda S. DeMario, Vanessa P. Ho
Minimally-invasive pain management techniques in palliative care
Bhavana Yalamuru, Jacqueline Weisbein, Amy C. S. Pearson, Enas S. Kandil
Communication in surgery: the therapy of hope
Laura A. Lambert


1. The series “Palliative Care and Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Palliative Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Fabian M. Johnston and Ana Berlin served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.