Outcome Measurement for Advanced Disease Patients

Posted On 2018-10-26 09:55:51

Guest Editors:
Bárbara Antunes
Clin & Health Psych Specialist, MSc, PhD Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Claudia Bausewein
Director of the Department of Palliative Medicine, Chair for Palliative Medicine, Munich University Hospital, München, Germany

The aim of this focused issue is to discuss the current state of outcome measurement for patients with advanced disease in palliative care clinical practice and research. The field has been evolving and has grown in the last decade. The range of authors who gracefully accepted our invitation to contribute are from different disciplines, countries and settings which, hopefully, secure a wider coverage of research as well as practice developed in the field. Different measures are discussed as well as their multiple uses/purposes. From the importance of measurement to many applications in the field, on how to best implement patient-centred outcome measures in practice, regardless of diagnosis and context, maintaining them as part of daily routine, we hope this focused issue is useful for all readers.

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