Vol 7, No 4 (October 12, 2018): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article on Palliative Radiotherapy1

The effect of early versus delayed radiation therapy on length of hospital stay in the palliative setting
Taylor R. Cushman, Shervin Shirvani, Mohamed Khan, Rachit Kumar

Original Article

Radiotherapy for patients with unresected locally advanced breast cancer
Caitlin Yee, Yasir Alayed, Leah Drost, Irene Karam, Danny Vesprini, Claire McCann, Hany Soliman, Liying Zhang, Edward Chow, Stephanie Chan, Justin Lee
Management of radiation-induced nausea and vomiting with palonosetron in patients with pre-existing emesis: a pilot study
Vithusha Ganesh, Stephanie Chan, Liying Zhang, Leah Drost, Carlo DeAngelis, Bo Angela Wan, Mark Pasetka, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Natalie Pulenzas, Hans Chung, Pearl Zaki, Caitlin Yee, Edward Chow
Evaluation of the 3-day recall period for the Functional Life Index- Emesis (FLIE)
Bo Angela Wan, Leah Drost, Vithusha Ganesh, Liying Zhang, Caitlin Yee, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Mark Pasetka, Carlo DeAngelis, Edward Chow
Communicating prognosis of patients with advanced cancer between health care providers: a tertiary cancer center review of written correspondence
Anis A. Hamid, Francis J. Ha, Oindrila Das, Andrew J. Weickhardt
Perception of bedside teaching within the palliative care setting— views from patients, students and staff members
Ursula Kriesen, Attila Altiner, Brigitte Müller-Hilke
Questionnaires measuring quality of life and satisfaction of patients and their relatives in a palliative care setting—German translation of FAMCARE-2 and the palliative care subscale of FACIT-Pal
Corinna Sewtz, Wiebke Muscheites, Ursula Kriesen, Christina Grosse-Thie, Brigitte Kragl, Jens Panse, Samar Aoun, David Cella, Christian Junghanss
Predictors of dyspnea in patients with advanced cancer
Erin McKenzie, Matthew K. Hwang, Stephanie Chan, Liying Zhang, Pearl Zaki, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Yasmeen Razvi, Leah Drost, Caitlin Yee, Edward Chow
Prevalence and intensity of dyspnea, pain, and agitation among people dying with late stage dementia compared with people dying with advanced cancer: a single-center preliminary study in Brazil
Luiz Guilherme L. Soares, André M. Japiassu, Lúcia C. Gomes, Rogéria Pereira, Carla Peçanha, Tatiana Goldgaber
Strengthening palliative care delivery in developing countries: a training workshop model in Botswana
Anna W. LaVigne, Babe Gaolebale, Goitseone Maifale-Mburu, Eberechi Nwogu-Onyemkpa, Miriam Sebego, Sebathu P. Chiyapo, Erin McMenamin, Surbhi Grover
Palliative care in Botswana: current state and challenges to further development
Anna W. LaVigne, Babe Gaolebale, Goitseone Maifale-Mburu, Surbhi Grover
Effects of relaxing therapies on patient’s pain during percutaneous interventional radiology procedures
Anne-Sophie Bertrand, Antoine Iannessi, Sandrine Buteau, Xiong-Ying Jiang, Hubert Beaumont, Benoit Grondin, Guillaume Baudin


Cannabis in palliative care: current challenges and practical recommendations
Claude Cyr, Maria Fernanda Arboleda, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, Lynda G. Balneaves, Paul Daeninck, Andrée Néron, Erin Prosk, Antonio Vigano

Letter to the Editor

Gender, age and diagnosis effect on self-perceived pain in hematological patients: retrospective analysis of two case series
Andrea Tendas, Luigi Malandruccolo, Daniela Venditti, Adriana Costa, Laura Volta, Ombretta Annibali, Francesco Marchesi, Debora Saltarelli, Paolo de Fabritiis, William Arcese, Francesco Bondanini, Pasquale Niscola, Roberto Palumbo
Perinatal palliative care: is palliative care really available to everyone?
Francesca Rusalen, Maria Elena Cavicchiolo, Paola Lago, Sabrina Salvadori, Franca Benini


1. The series “Palliative Radiotherapy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Palliative Medicine without any sponsorship or funding.