Vol 8, No 2 (April 22, 2019): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article

PROutine: a feasibility study assessing surveillance of electronic patient reported outcomes and adherence via smartphone app in advanced cancer
Gesine Benze, Friedemann Nauck, Bernd Alt-Epping, Giuseppe Gianni, Thomas Bauknecht, Johannes Ettl, Anna Munte, Luisa Kretzschmar, Jan Gaertner
The use of Do-Not-Resuscitate-Order equivalents in pediatric palliative care medicine in Germany
Anja Waske, Caspar D. Kühnöl, Christof M. Kramm
Invisible and intangible illness: a qualitative interview study of patients’ experiences and understandings of conservatively managed end-stage kidney disease
Katherine Bristowe, Lucy E. Selman, Irene J. Higginson, Fliss E. M. Murtagh
Loss of relationship: a qualitative study of families and healthcare providers after patient death and home-based palliative care ends
Megan Vierhout, Jaymie Varenbut, Elizabeth Amos, Sandy Buchman, Amna Husain, James Meuser, Mark Bernstein
Re-analysis of symptom clusters in advanced cancer patients attending a palliative outpatient radiotherapy clinic
Erin McKenzie, Liying Zhang, Pearl Zaki, Stephanie Chan, Vithusha Ganesh, Yasmeen Razvi, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Matthew K. Hwang, Carlo DeAngelis, Edward Chow
Are we better a decade later in the accuracy of survival prediction by palliative radiation oncologists?
Yasmeen Razvi, Stephanie Chan, Liying Zhang, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Cyril Danjoux, Philomena Sousa, Pearl Zaki, Erin McKenzie, Henry Lam, Carlo DeAngelis, Edward Chow
External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) for asymptomatic bone metastases in patients with solid tumors reduces the risk of skeletal-related events (SREs)
Rebecca M. Shulman, Joshua E. Meyer, Tianyu Li, Krisha J. Howell

Review Article

Palliation of bone metastases—exploring options beyond radiotherapy
Samantha Saravana-Bawan, Elizabeth David, Arjun Sahgal, Edward Chow

Study Protocol

A longitudinal cohort study of symptoms and other concerns among Nigerian people with stages 3–5 chronic kidney diseases: study protocol
Andrew T. Olagunju, Babatunde Fadipe, Rotimi W. Buraimoh, Olagoke K. Ale, Theophilus I. Umeizudike, Raphael E. Ogbolu, Nasur Buyinza, Jonathan Bayuo, Barbara Mutedzi, Kennedy Nkhoma, Eve Namisango, Katherine Bristowe, Deokhee Yi, Julia Downing, Olatunji F. Aina, Joseph D. Adeyemi, Fliss E. M. Murtagh, Richard Harding


Erratum to cannabis in palliative care: current challenges and practical recommendations
Claude Cyr, Maria Fernanda Arboleda, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, Lynda G. Balneaves, Paul Daeninck, Andrée Néron, Erin Prosk, Antonio Vigano