Vol 8, No 4 (September 27, 2019): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the efficacy of combination olanzapine, ondansetron and dexamethasone for prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients receiving doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide
Piyawan Tienchaiananda, Wipada Nipondhkit, Kunlatida Maneenil, Sunatee Sa-nguansai, Songwit Payapwattanawong, Sudsawat Laohavinij, Jedzada Maneechavakajorn
Early palliative care and quality of life of advanced cancer patients—a multicenter randomized clinical trial
Vittorio Franciosi, Giuseppe Maglietta, Claudia Degli Esposti, Giuseppe Caruso, Luigi Cavanna, Raffaella Bertè, Gianpaolo Bacchini, Letizia Bocchi, Erico Piva, Michela Monfredo, Valentina Scafuri, Pamela Di Cesare, Barbara Melotti, Manuel Sequino, Anita Rimanti, Cinzia Binovi, Francesco Ghisoni, Caterina Caminiti
Validation of Modified Breast Graded Prognostic Assessment for breast cancer patients with brain metastases: extra-cranial disease progression is an independent risk factor
Qingyuan Zhuang, Ru Xin Wong, Wei Xiang Lian, You Quan Li, Fuh Yong Wong
The experiences of suffering of end-stage renal failure patients in Malaysia: a thematic analysis
Tan Seng Beng, Loh Ai Yun, Liew Xin Yi, Loo Hui Yan, Ng Kok Peng, Lim Soo Kun, Sheriza Izwa Zainuddin, Loh Ee Chin, Lam Chee Loong
“I want to die in my sleep”—how people think about death, choice, and control: findings from a Massive Open Online Course
Christine Sanderson, Lauren Miller-Lewis, Deb Rawlings, Deborah Parker, Jennifer Tieman
End-of-life discussions in practice: survey among Canadian radiation oncologists
Justin Oh, Kristopher Dennis, Shilo Lefresne, Jonathan Livergant, Michael McKenzie
The impact of non-medical reading on clinician burnout: a national survey of palliative care providers
Daniel Marchalik, Ariel Rodriguez, Amalia Namath, Ross Krasnow, Simone Obara, Jamie Padmore, Hunter Groninger
Incorporating palliative radiotherapy education into hospice and palliative medicine fellowship training: a feasibility study
Emily J. Martin, Vinit V. Nalawade, James D. Murphy, Joshua A. Jones
Patient-doctor concordance of perceived mental health service needs in Chinese hospitalized patients: a cross-sectional study
Jian-Ying Yu, Zai-Quan Dong, Yang Liu, Zi-Han Liu, Liang Chen, Jian Wang, Ming-Jin Huang, Li-Ling Mo, Shan-Xia Luo, Yu Wang, Wan-Jun Guo, Ning He, Ran Chen, Lan Zhang
Perceived knowledge of palliative care among immigrants to the United States: a secondary data analysis from the Health Information National Trends Survey
Amelia Barwise, Andrea Cheville, Mark L. Wieland, Ognjen Gajic, Alexandra J. Greenberg-Worisek
Comparison of esophageal stent placement versus endoscopic incision method for treatment of refractory esophageal anastomotic stricture
Peiyao Wu, Fei Wang, Xiaochao Wu, Junjie Nie, Xianxiu Ge, Quanpeng Li, Jie Lin, Lin Miao
Effects of dexmedetomidine on post-operative recovery and mental status in patients receiving robotic-assisted thoracic surgery
Li-Yun Zhang, Yu-Hao Zhang, Jie Shen, Yan Luo
Application of care bundles in bowel preparation for colonoscopy in children
Yuanyuan Liang, Wenqiong Xin, Yang Yang, Xiaoling Li
Expression of receptor interacting protein 3 and mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein-key proteins in necroptosis is upregulated in ulcerative colitis
Tielong Wu, Yuanyuan Dai, Lili Xue, Yingyue Sheng, Linlin Xu, Yuzheng Xue