Vol 11, No 6 (June 29, 2022): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article

Factors associated with access to palliative home care in palliative patients at Lampang Hospital
Weerakorn Yongja, Phornwipa Panta, Napat Phetkub, Wararat Thatayu, Win Techakehakij
Radiation therapy for pelvic recurrent colorectal or gynecological cancer: is whole pelvic irradiation necessary?
Naoya Ishibashi, Toshiya Maebayashi, Masaharu Hata, Takuya Aizawa, Masakuni Sakaguchi, Masahiro Okada
Association among sleep, depression, and health-related quality of life in patients with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic
Yang Chen, Mingzhou Li, Lu Zhou, Chen Chen, Ni Li, Junping Meng, Guohua Wei, Han Zhang, Lan Feng, Huirong Li, Jifeng Sun, Hongbao Liu
Development of a Decision-Aid Form (DAF) for the stratification of care in a French comprehensive cancer center, a tool to support identification of care goals
Laurence Vigouret-Viant, Clémence Legoupil, Aurélie Bardet, Céline Laurent, Michel Ducreux, Sophie Laurent, Christine Mateus, Sarah Dauchy, François Blot
Grief in critical care nurses after pediatric suffering and death
Kelley A. Groves, Aminat Adewumi, Cynthia A. Gerhardt, Micah A. Skeens, Markita L. Suttle
Palliative radiation for bone metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma: practice patterns and the amount of remaining life spent receiving treatment
Ryan K. Schmid, Candice A. Johnstone, Jared R. Robbins
The adiposity indicators in relation to diabetes among adults in China: a cross-sectional study from China Health and Nutrition Survey
Yi-Ting Qian, Bo Sun, Yu Zhang, Min-Bo Zhang, Xiao-Xiao Jiao, Lin-Ying Lai, Wen-Zhuo Yang
Prognostic factors and the role of locoregional treatment in patients with distantly metastatic hypopharyngeal cancer: a retrospective cohort study based on SEER database
Wenlun Wang, Hongwei Zheng, Lisheng Yu, Lihong Zhang
Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with coronary in-stent restenosis by integrated bioinformatics approaches
Meijuan Chen, Yaoshan Dun, Wenliang Zhang, Suixin Liu
Effectiveness of different coils for endovascular coiling for intractable hepatic encephalopathy caused by a portosystemic shunt
Toru Ishikawa, Michitaka Imai, Saori Endo, Motoi Azumi, Yujiro Nozawa, Akito Iwanaga, Tomoe Sano, Terasu Honma, Toshiaki Yoshida
Long-term follow-up in quality of life before and after endoscopic thoracic sympathicotomy in 367 patients with palmar hyperhidrosis
Dongkun Zhang, Weitao Zhuang, Zihua Lan, Shujie Huang, Zhen Gao, Qibin Chen, Xiaosong Ben, Jiming Tang, Haiyu Zhou, Liang Xie, Guibin Qiao
Changes in brain network properties in major depressive disorder following electroconvulsive therapy: a combined static and dynamic functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Dayi Liu, Shixiong Tang, Zhipeng Wu, Jie Yang, Zhening Liu, Guowei Wu, Adellah Sariah, Xuan Ouyang, Yicheng Long
Efficacy of ultrasound-guided erector spinae plane block versus paravertebral block for postoperative analgesia in single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a retrospective study
Gokhan Sertcakacilar, Yaser Pektas, Gunes Ozlem Yildiz, Ozgur Isgorucu, Selcuk Kose
Application value of double-layer spectral detector CT in differentiating central lung cancer from atelectasis
Li-Juan Wen, Qi-Yu Zhao, Yue-Hui Yin, Bing Wang, Ming-Xin Fan, Yuan-Gang Qi, Qing Zhang
Analysis of influencing factors of community-acquired pneumonia with deep venous thrombosis in elderly communities
Xiaorong Ma, Yali Xu, Jin Qian, Bin Dai
Research status of serum amyloid A in infection: a bibliometric analysis
Meng Su, Lei Zhang
Long-term efficacy, safety, and medication compliance of roxadustat on peritoneal dialysis patients with renal anemia affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: a retrospective study
Lingling Bao, Xueyan Bian, Aiwei Zhang, Jiancheng Huang, Liling Ren, Chunlei Luo
Symptomatic postoperative spinal epidural hematoma preferentially occurs after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion versus anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion: a retrospective study
Qi Hao, Qi Ding, Hao Yang, Ke Tan, Zhi-Hui Wang, Shan Wang, Lin Yang
The safety and efficacy of add-on use of oxytocin in uterine leiomyoma patients undergoing high-intensity focused ultrasound and ultrasound-guided intratumoral ethanol injection: a randomized controlled trial
Rui Zhang, Yibin Zhang, Zhiwei Yang, Jinyu Chen, Qi Wang, Jijiang Ma, Bin Zhang, Hongyu Zhang
Competency expectations of nurses in rapid response teams: an interview-based qualitative study
Xia Yuan, Shenmin Wan, Yihong Chen, Wei Qin
Central sterile supply department (CSSD) management quality sensitive index constructed by management mode under the guidance of key point control theory and its effect on CSSD management quality: a retrospective study
Weiqin Jing, Yubing Mu, Yihong Cai
Dietary Inflammatory Index and all-cause mortality among asthma patients: a population-based cohort study
Yamei Yuan, Weidong Ye, Xiangming Fang
Development and validation of a survival prediction model for patients received mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit: a large sample size cohort from the MIMIC database
Zhaoheng Lin, Xiuying Huang, Xiyun Shan
Efficacy and safety of glucocorticoids in treatment of COVID-19: a retrospective study
Lingling Fei, Xixi Gao, Qi Zhang, Xiaoli Tan, Fang Xu, Qianli Pan, Wenyu Chen
Analysis of blood samples from 42 patients with varying degrees of infection during the epidemic of COVID-19: a retrospective study
Qianli Pan, Qi Zhang, Xiaoli Tan, Ming Zhang, Wenyu Chen
Pembrolizumab for the better treatment of EGFR-mutant T790M-negative advanced lung adenocarcinoma patients than dual treatment of pemetrexed plus platinum after tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment failure
Zhuming Lu, Ming Ye, Tao Sun, Suoyun Wu, Zhichao Lin, Xin Zhang, Dongping Rao, Dongxi Zhang, Yongwen Ke, Zhuowen Chen